Get 10x More Out of Your Upskilling Efforts

Unlock your team's potential with our tailored academy creation and management solution, including hands-on learning and real-world experience.
Low effort. High impact
Designed, built and managed for you from admissions to alumni, at scale.
Flexible and engaging
A fully engaging learning experience that feels like an in-person training.
Made with and for you
Partner with out learning design team for exceptional results.

What is BrightLeap

A tailored end-to-end service designed to co-create and help you manage a learning experience that truly works.

A flexible, cost-effective Learning as a Service (LaaS) program manager tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Why it works

We prioritize learner motivation by tailoring our exercises to each company’s industry and applying behavioural science principles.

Our continuous iteration process, based on learning data, ensures the most effective training, leading to impactful business outcomes.

>70 NPS

We quickly go from planning to doing and from doing to improving based on live and continuous feedback.

Our data-driven approach and modular design allow us to quickly update content, activities, quizzes, etc.

the problem

Corporate learning doesn't meet expectations.

Most L&D teams combine ‘best-in-class’ vendors hoping that 1+1 = 3.
More often than not, this approach has no significant impact. Why?

Low Engagement
“Here you go” doesn’t work for most solutions. You need people to engage with.
Lacks Learner-Centricity
Learners struggle to understand and retain the material, leading to poor learning outcomes.
High Resources
Building & managing your own internal program requires an additional Program Manager.
What you need

Your own custom program
without lifting a finger

We'll work with you to identify your desired outcomes and create a customized learning program
that addresses your organization's unique needs.

By designing a program with BrightLeap's learning methodology, we can help your people (or teams) gain the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in their roles and drive business success.

How we do it

Digital academies delivered like never before.

Define Needs
Develop an academy that solves your pain points and achieves your transformation goals.
Tailored Programs
Teach new skills and mindset through our academy by working on real projects.
Forget Using
Multiple Programs
Provide your team with all the content, tools, and support to learn by doing and achieve real results all in one single platform.

What will set you apart

Achieve >90% 
completion rate.
Improved outcomes
with each cohort.
Quantify the impact of your upskilling efforts.

Are you ready to bring your employee training to the next level?
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