From Data to risk management Insights

Modelling alternative risk from large and non-accessible data sources, through an intelligent decentralized  architecture. We run and train a sophisticated AI risk model, while data remains decentralized and secure on any private network. Agile risk management can now be done reliably without compromising on privacy and data protection.
Despite record amounts of data, insurers have a hard time underwriting new risks with the agility required by the market.
Low effort high impact
Download and run on your own premise securely.
Flexible and insightful
Our technology works on any database and format.
Learning continuously
Our risk model builds on your data, and 3rd party, bridging any gaps

UW today

Traditionally, insurers rely on receiving yearly updates on certain parameters which they can then underwrite, price and bind a policy.

However, today data streams are live rather than yearly and making sense of them can be labor intensive.

UW tomorrow

Instead of moving a businesses' mountain of data to the insurer to calculate, we move the risk modelling calculator to the business instead.

The results of this analysis can then more easily be shared for underwriting and pricing in a controlled and data privacy compliant way.

If and when any parameters vary, underwriters can review an updated analysis  based on accurate and historical data.

Are you a mobility venture where insurance coverage has become a roadblock to growth?

Are you a risk manager who needs support navigating mountains of data from an exciting new business?

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Frequently asked questions

What is Brightleap

Essentially software that any mobility company can easily install into their infrastructure to analyse their data and better understand risk.

What happens to our data?

Nothing. Our AI analyses it to make sense of the different available parameters which are then fed into a risk modelling algorithm. All of this happens on premise. The results of such analysis can then be shared with risk managers or carriers.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Absolutely. Your data never leaves your infrastructure.

Who has access to the analysis?

Who ever you chose. Access to the risk modelling results allows risk carriers to underwrite and offer the best available pricing. But this access and its frequency is determined by each venture or business unit.

Can insurers trust your analysis?

Our system uses the latest cryptographic methods to ensure the data being used has not been tampered or modified.

While insurers do not have access to the core business data, the drivers and logic for how we model risk is fully transparent.

Do you underwrite risk?

No, we are simply a tool to help professional underwriters better understand and potentially price new or different types of "alternative risk".

Why "Alternative Risk"?

In the corporate insurance industry, "Alternative Risk Transfer" refers to the management of types of risk that do not fit the usual business lines (P&C, Marine, etc.).

Do you share data cross ventures?

We share and improve the model, not the data.

Thanks to our decentralised architecture, our risk modelling capabilities improve over time and as we acquire new users. However, proprietary data never leaves or is ever shared cross ventures, businesses or insurers.

What industries do you work with?

BrightLeap's risk modelling capabilities today are designed for the mobility industry. The movement of people or goods on public roads within Europe.

As we grow, we will tackle other geographies and industries.

Why mobility?

Movement of people and goods has been core to human progress since the beginning of time. But today, a wide range of companies are emerging seeking smarter, safer and more sustainable ways to do so.

The mobility market could reache a 28% annual growth from 2015 to 2030.

Why risk management?

Risk management is essential for any business, regardless of the size or industry. However, in some industries such as mobility, proper  coverage is also a legal requirement. We make sure risk is understood and can therefore be covered.